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Squirrel Buster Available in Mystic, CT

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A First-ever Truly Squirrel-proof Suet Feeder!

Mystic Pet Shop is proud to carry Squirrel Buster in Mystic, Connecticut. Brome Bird Care, located in Knowlton, Quebec, Canada, is home to the Squirrel Busterâ„¢ brand of squirrel proof bird feeders. Led by its founder, Paul Cote, and supported by an impressive list of patents, Squirrel Buster feeders have come to be recognized as the leaders in the squirrel proof category.  All Squirrel Buster feeders work the same way.  When a squirrel lands on a Squirrel Buster, its weight automatically closes the seed ports, denying access to the seed but not harming the squirrels in any way.


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